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WHAT IS ? is a web based free public service and a set of tools that can be run on any Web Browser, any mobile phone, or even Linux/Unix shell (Using Lynx Text Based Browser) that allow IT professionals dig deeper into the public network to find internet and ISP detailed information that they need such as finding the network public IP address, Dig any DNS name server in the world for all DNS record types, search "WHOIS" database for more than 179 supported TLDs, lookup IP block information, and scan for opened ports on a network.


- Public Network IP Address and Hostname Finder.
- DNS Server DIG (Domain Information Groper) tool.
- WHOIS database domain search covering over 179 known TLDs.
- IP Block Owner Finder.
- Port Scanner for scanning open ports ranging from port 0 - 65535.
- Stratum level 2 NTP Time Server (Serving Eastern Time Zone Only).


To make it simple, fast and easy for IT professionals and network engineers around the world to dig deep in the internet to find IP and Network detailed information they need using our IPGhost free set of tools.

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